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The Glenside Group - Modern, profitable and sustainable farming in partnership with nature.

For more than 30 years the Glenside Group has been at forefront in working with livestock and arable farmers to improve the use of farm resources to boost the natural productivity of farms throughout the UK.

The company is still family owned and based in Livingston, Scotland. With a team of professional trained field based consultants. The Glenside Group can help you to get the best production from your land and livestock in a sustainable and profitable way with range of tailored bio stimulants, fertilisers and on farm products and services.

Our Range

Seaquim Original Nutritional LicksSeaquim Original

Contains 25% Seaquim meal, 19% sugars for good palatability, 5.5% magnesium, Minerals and vitamins, Suitable for Organic systems

Seaquim Extra Nutritional LicksSeaquim Extra Nutritional Licks

Contains 25% Seaquim meal, Added minerals and vitamins, 4,000 mg/kg zinc, 500 i.u/kg Vitamin E, and 30 mg/kg of selenium to support good immune function and livestock health.

Seaquim Hi Mag Nutritional LickSeaquim Hi Mag

Contains 17.5 % magnesium on a palatable molassed base, 4,000 mg/kg of zinc, 250 i.u/kg Vitamin E and 30 mg/kg selenium to support livestock health and performance at grass

Seaquim Plus Garlic Nutritional LickSeaquim Original Plus Garlic

All the benefits of Seaquim Original with the addition of Garlic, Helps keep nuisance insects away from stock, Use at grass during summer for both cattle and sheep

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