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About Glenside

History of the Company

Who we are
Founded in Scotland in 1982, we are committed to improving customer profitability by increasing the natural fertility of their farms, throughout the UK, Ireland and Overseas.

How we do it
Our specialised natural products increase fertility by enhancing the beneficial interactions of soil, plant and animal. Our products incorporate seaweed harvested from renewable resources. We focus on remedying causes rather than treating symptoms. Our “bottom up” approach to fertility management complements conventional management whilst enhancing the unique role a reactivated and living soil plays in profitable food production.

Shared objectives
Progressive farmers want a more balanced approach to production with reduced dependence on chemical inputs. Our experienced advisors work with them to ensure the objectives are met and that the programme is carefully matched to the needs of the farm.

Sustainable profitability
Glenside’s approach to modern agriculture meets a growing demand for cost effective methods of improving profitability naturally. By integrating the best of traditional husbandry with modern practice, we are able to help forward looking farmers develop the natural resources of their farms in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way; ensuring the production of high quality produce for today’s and tomorrow’s discerning consumer.

About – Key Personnel

Ian Robertson – Managing Director

Having grown up on a farm I released from an early age that I wanted to work in Agriculture.  Newcastle University offered a great agricultural course; I majored in crop production and graduated with a 2.2 Hons degree in 1990. On my return from travelling I joined MDS ltd. This is a 2 year long graduate management scheme that places you in middle management roles in the fresh produce industry. My 4 secondments were, Greens of Soham, Emmetts, TVM and Winchester growers. This lead to rapid on the job learning  about systems, growing and people management a massively valuable experience.

The Glenside group founded was founded by my father in 1982 has been practicing sound soil management based on the Albrecht® soil analysis system.  In 2000 I was offered a job to help increase Glenside penetration in England and also develop the Albrecht® Soil Analysis offering.  Over the first 8 years I have been building up the soil advisory side of the business highlighting the importance of the team of 3, physics, chemistry and biology. In 2008 I became MD with the remit to keep growing the business and develop new products to meet the demands of changing agriculture.

Nander Robertson – Non-executive Chairman

Chairman of The Glenside Group which he founded in 1982.  Describes himself as an Agricultural Ecologist with a background in Shipping, Forestry and farming.


 Robert McCoull – Technical Director

 Graham Hughes – General Manager

  • Over 30 years experience.
  • Farming and Ag Industry
  • 20 years with major International Fertiliser Manufacturer both UK and Abroad.
  • Roles from Technical Sales, Sales Management, Marketing and Business Management.
  • 10 years General Management experience in the UK Merchant and Supply Sector.
  • FACTS (FE/30) Qualified.
  • AMTRA (QG13502)  Qualified


Padraig Shevlin – Regional manager for Ireland

  • A graduate from University College Dublin with a B.Agr.Sc
  • FACTs qualified
  • Responsible for giving soil agronomy advice across all crops
  • From a Livestock farming background, which I still run and manage