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New Research Papers

We have posted some new research papers in our ‘Research & Trials’ page – it makes some interesting reading and the benefits of using Glenside products.

Product Update

We have updated a few of our products

Humaar 101 Liquid



NEW Brochure Added

We’ve added a NEW brochure to our collection – Biological Product Options

Biological Product Options

Biological Product Options


Our New Soils Page

We have added a new page to our website – Soils

In addition we have two new leaflets to accompany this page:-

Cereals 2015 – The Glenside Approach

The Real Value of Cover Crops

Both well worth a read.

Introducing Slurri-Morr

Slurri-morr® is an easily applied freeze dried slurry inoculant. Introducing a consortia of naturally occurring micro-organisms. The sophisticated blend of micro-organisms acting in a symbiotic manner make Slurri-morr® much more effective than a single species culture.

For more information read our Slurri-Morr product page